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SCALE 1: 13.2

22 KG (48 lbs) 

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Similar to a bulldozer from Komatsu – Grumalu K 70 scale 1: 13.2 Main dimensions: 81 cm long x 38 cm wide x 37 cm high Weight 22 kg Anglo-Saxon units of measure and weight: 31 inches length x 15 inches width x 14.5 inches height Weight 48 lbs

This version is assembled, painted and delivered functional. Bulldozer in 1: 13.2 scale Grumalu K-70 V2 is extremely robust thanks to its chassis components milled and welded together from solid steel, as well as construction developed according to the same concept of a construction machine.

Listed price includes: 2 × 2.8 Nm geared motors CE certificate all metal parts – low noise level (compatible with sound module) Double speed controller from Servonaut for chain drive Dozer blade (up, down and swinging movement) 1-tooth ripper (up and down movement) Hydraulic unit consisting of hydraulic pump, tank, valves, servos, cylinders Metal cabins including functional doors – transparent window panes Corrosion protection primer based on epoxy and painting Sticker incl. Chassis material sheet metal, thickness 2 – 6mm, CNC laser cut Storage box made of wood Not included: Battery: 1 x 11.1 volt – LiPo 5200 mAh S3 (min. 1 hour normal use) remote control sound module Drive: The Grumalu K-70 V2 bulldozer is supplied with a drive. 2 continuously variable worm gear motor self-locking. Chassis / tracks: drive wheel 2 adjustable guide wheels 6 load rolls 1 return roller 55 mm wide tracks The chassis is constructed in such a way that it enables long-term and maintenance-free use. Several adjustment options ensure optimal adaptation to the soil conditions and scope of work.

Dozer Blade: Thanks to its 315 mm wide plate (optionally 350 mm), the bulldozer can easily push up to 30 kg of scree in front of it. Ladder and a platform around the cab are missing in this version. up-down movement Oscillating movement Tilt movement (not included in the Stardard version) Fang: The hardened steel fang can be rammed into the ground up to 35 mm deep. We optionally offer a ripper with three fangs. up-down movement Tilt movement (not included in the Stardard version) Remote control: Minimum requirement 9 channels. Receptors of the cruise control recognize the most common transmission technologies (2.4 GHz, PCM, FM). Optionally, we also offer the delivery of the model with a fully configured remote control. Remote control is not included in the price. Battery: In principle, all types of batteries can be used that have an output voltage of 11 volts. We recommend LiPo batteries with the following characteristic values ​​11.1 Volt 3S 30C 5000 – 7500 mAh. Battery is not included. Packaging: All our models are delivered in an exclusive finger-marked wooden box made of weatherproof marine plywood (10 – 20 mm thick). Operating instructions available in German.

KEY DIMENSIONS Height: 330 mm Length (rear ripper incl.): 650 mm (470 mm without rear ripper) Width without sign: 255 mm Axle width: 190 mm Width of the shield: 315 mm Max. Deflection of the sign: +90 mm / -40 mm Height of the sign: 130 mm Width of chains: 55 mm (optional 70 mm LGP version) Ground clearance: 40 mm Weight: 22 kg rear ripper included – (18 kg without rear ripper)

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