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SCALE 1:14

27 KG (59.5 lbs)

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Main dimensions: Length / height / width: 88 cm x 35 cm x 25 cm Weight: 27 kg Load weight: 38 kg Anglo-Saxon units of measure and weight: Length / Height / Width: 34.6 inches x 13.8 inches x 9.9 inches Weight: 59.5 lbs Loading weight: 83.8 lbs

Version Description: RTR finished motif and painted in one color according to customer requirements (plus contrast color). This version contains all components to be able to use the model immediately. You only have to buy the following items: LiPo battery as well as remote control Also not included: lighting sound module Drive: 6 × 3.2 Nm continuously variable planetary gear motor self-locking. CE certificate all metal parts – low noise level (compatible with sound module) Hydraulic drive for trough and steering: 2 hydraulic cylinders with pump pressure of 20 – 25 bar for trough 2 hydraulic cylinders with pump pressure of 20 – 25 bar for steering 2 year guarantee on all hydraulic cylinders hydraulics: 2-way valve tandem center only allow the operating pressure to be generated while the cylinders are activated Hydraulic pump and tank from Leimbach, 4 cylinders, plugs, servos, pipes, filters, hydraulic oil Full functionality of the tub with hydraulic cylinder Electric: Servonaut speed controller – is included 1 x 11.1 volt – LiPo 5200 mAh – is not included Radio control requires min. 6 channels – not included

Lights and rotating beacon is included in the kit Other components included in the offer: metal cabin Installation of all components and their configuration and test testing Complete hydraulic kit (pump, cylinder, valves, servos) transport costs The articulated dumper VL 40F is robust thanks to its chassis welded from solid steel. Powerful, agile and extremely precise thanks to its geared drive motors controlled by frequency converters. Chassis is constructed in such a way that it enables long-lasting and maintenance-free use. Designed and developed for the amateur with scope for independent adjustments. Remote control is not included in the price, minimum requirement 6 channels. Receptors of the cruise control recognize the most common transmission technologies (2.4 GHz, PCM, FM).

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