Tracked RC 36-26-50 AKKURA

4.150,00 €

RTR Version

SCALE 1: 8

32 KG (70.5 lbs)

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Dimensions: Length / height / width – 87 cm x 59 cm x 41 cm – 36 kg Load weight: 40 kg Drive: 2 x 3.2 Nm continuously variable worm gear motor self-locking CE certificate all metal parts – low noise level (compatible with sound module) Vehicle chains and chassis: Drive wheel, 3 × 2 load rollers, idler wheel adjustable via tension spring and 2 return rollers Swivel drive for truck trough and shield Options: spindle drive Hydraulic cylinder with pump pressure of 22 bar. hydraulics: 2-way valve tandem center only allow the operating pressure to be generated while the cylinders are activated Hydraulic pump and tank from Leimbach, 3 cylinders, plugs, servos, pipes, filters, hydraulic oil Full functionality of the truck tub with hydralyic cylinder Electric / Electronic Servonaut speed controller – is included 1 x 11.1 volt – LiPo 5200 mAh – is not included Radio control requires min. 6 channels – not included Lights and rotating beacon is included in the kit Other components included in the offer: Metal cabin with 1 functional door (without interior fittings) Installation of all components and their configuration and test testing Complete hydraulic kit (pump, cylinder, valves, servos) transport costs Crawler loader in scale 1: 8 AKKURA 36-26-50 is robust thanks to its chassis milled from solid steel. Powerful, agile and extremely precise thanks to its geared drive motors controlled by frequency converters. Chassis is constructed in such a way that it enables long-lasting and maintenance-free use. Designed and developed for the amateur with scope for independent adjustments. Remote control is not included in the price, minimum requirement 6 channels. Receptors of the cruise control recognize the most common transmission technologies (2.4 GHz, PCM, FM).

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